Modern Antisemitism in the Visegrád countries

Tom Lantos Institute
Project Partner
Institute for Public Affairs (Slovakia), ‘NEVER AGAIN’ Association (Poland)

How can secondary antisemitism be manifested in Holocaust distortion? And how can it lead to Holocaust distortion? With these questions, the Tom Lantos Institute is aiming to adress the relationship between different subtypes of modern antisemitism and Holocaust distortion from a regional perspective. The findings are based on country-specific analyses in the Visegrád countries of Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia. The research project is using focus groups from these IHRA member countries to explore topics and logic feeding Holocaust distortion in the region. During a policy workshop, key stakeholders will discuss current policies countering distortion of the Holocaust and how they can be improved. Deliberations will result in policy recommendations to be disseminated to decision-makers.

Beneficiary countries