The MEMRI Online Educational Resources on Holocaust Denial in the Middle East and South Asia

The Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI)
United States
Project Partner
Mosquée de Drancy

The mission of this project was to expose and document ongoing Holocaust denial and distortion across the regions of the Middle East and South Asia. The research results on Holocaust denial of nearly two decades were made available via an online database as well as its analyses of the content and trends in Holocaust denial in these regions.

In a first step, this resource was made available in French and to French speaking countries in order to prove the feasibility of the concept on a large scale. The IHRA co-funded the creation of this online resource which was made available to academia, legislators, media, clergy, NGOs and the public. It aimed to serve as a resource for academic research and provide the informational infrastructure for policies, strategies and evidence for legal countermeasures.

Beneficiary countries