Jasenovac Past and Present: History and Memory of Institutional Destruction

Sculpture on grass in the right corner, and lake in the left corner
Hugo Valentin Centre
Project Partner
Faculty of Philosophy, Belgrade University (Serbia); Faculty of Philosophy, University of Zagreb (Croatia); Jasenovac Memorial Site (Croatia); Memorial de la Shoah (France); Topographie des Terrors (Germany)

In order to counter distortion, there is a great need to combine scholarship with high-quality education on both formal and informal levels. This project will do so by providing state-of-the-art knowledge about and supporting historical accuracy around the Jasenovac Site in Croatia, to be widely disseminated in an open access publication. The Jasenovac camp complex, which was established by the fascist Ustaša regime in the Independent State of Croatia in August 1941, remained in operation until late April 1945. A team of local and international experts will work together to connect the history and memory of Jasenovac to broader European trends, and to inspire discussion related to the political uses of history, distortion, and denial. Their ideas will be shared during an international conference taking place in both Belgrade and Zagreb. The Hugo Valentin Center and its partners plan for numerous outreach activities that seek to counter distortion by creating awareness about this historically important site. 

Beneficiary countries
Bosnia & Herzegovina