Identifying and Countering Holocaust Distortion. Lessons for Southeast Asia

NEVER AGAIN Association
Project Partner
Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung Cambodia

Distortion in its various forms includes phenomena such as the normalization of Nazi imagery in popular culture and conspiracy theories scapegoating victims. This project draws on the regional experiences of the Second World War and further instances of genocide in Cambodia, Myanmar and Thailand to inspire critical memory discourses and develop capacities to counter Holocaust and genocide distortion. The NEVER AGAIN Association and their project partner are in the process of producing an educational traveling exhibition, lectures and workshops engaging professionals from a variety of target groups. The project’s activities and recommendations will be disseminated online. The Grant Review Committee commends this internationally recognized NGO for collaborating with a local partner to produce a timely intervention in the field of countering Holocaust distortion. 

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Beneficiary countries
Myanmar (Burma)