Holocaust Mechanics: Deportations from the West and the Genocide of the Roma in Latvia

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Association Shamir
Project Partner
Chabad Lubavitch Düsseldorf; GIK-Gesellschaft für Integration und Kultur in Europa e.V. Society for Integration and Culture in Europe inc. & The House of Janusz Korczak in Jerusalem

The project raised awareness about two victims of the Nazi regime in Latvia, the Jewish community and Roma community. In the first stage research was conducted in archives, libraries, and databases including Terezin Memorial, Jewish Museum in Prague, National Library in Prague and Brno, Center for the Holocaust Research Yad Vashem, Beit Terezin, Latvian State and Latvian Historical Archives and databases gathered by Association “Shamir” and Riga Ghetto and Latvian Holocaust Museum.

The project resulted in two exhibitions, called “Terezin-Riga transports. In memoriam,” designed by Israeli artists Maria Makarov and “Roma community in Latvia. Now and then,” designed by young Latvian artists. It provided databases, exhibition catalogues, and a documentary film was created. Furthermore, a fourth International Conference for Holocaust Museums and memorial places in post-communist countries titled "Holocaust, forced labor and Roma genocide during World War II" were organized.

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