Fake Images: Antisemitism from stereotype to genocide

White building with roads and a river on the right side and houses on the left
Kazerne Dossin
Project Partner
Organizations: Media Education Lab, United States of America
Participating Organizations
Flemish Community, Belgium
Mediawijs, Belgium
RETHINK, Netherlands
TU Berlin, Germany
United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, United States of America

Concerned by the increase in antisemitic incidents and the resurgence of extreme nationalism, the project raises awareness of the severe effects of antisemitic imagery and the urgency of undertaking countermeasures against these trends. Through the creation the exhibition #Fake Imagesfeaturing photos, prints and objects from the Arthur Langerman Collection, the project will present the history of antisemitic thinking, hate speech and the ensuing violence in Europe and beyond. Supplementary seminars, and educational tools will offer practical ways to recognize and deconstruct antisemitic discourse, imagery and hate speech. The IHRA’s Grant Review Committee highly commended this comprehensive approach to a challenging topic utilizing an important historical collection within a significant institutional and public network that will provide highly needed tools to help the general public react to growing expressions of antisemitism. A digital event opened the exhibition on 27 January 2021, with 500 visitors, and 200 visitors to the museum the next day.

Beneficiary countries