Distortion, denial and trivialization of the Holocaust, and recent memory; its use in hate speeches: Recommendations and strategies to counter them

Project Partner
Fundación IDESO -Instituto Democracia y Sociedad (Paraguay), Telam-National News Agency (Argentina)
Participating Organizations
DAIA Social Study Center (Argentina)
Gobierno de la Provincia de San Juan (Argentina)
Jewish Museum Dr. Walter Kochmann . Center for Holocaust Studies (Paraguay)
Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Paraguay)
Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Argentina)
Municipality of San Carlos of Bariloche (Argentina)
Museo del Holocausto de Buenos Aires (Argentina)
Public defender for the Adudiovisual Communication Service (Argentina)
Social development Ministry of Tucumán (Argentina)
Sociedad Israelita de Beneficencia de San Juan (Argentina)
Unión Hebraica del Paraguay (Paraguay)

With increases in hate speech and language distorting and denying the Holocaust, the Anne Frank Center is developing a project in a specific Latin American context to work directly with experts in areas related to communication, news agencies, and the press to identify narratives surrounding the Holocaust. The project will re-educate news agents in Argentina and Paraguay about their role in a process of disinformation and distortion of the Holocaust. Through analysis and collaboration with these various communication actors in seminars, strategies to counteract Holocaust distortion will be developed and disseminated.