A digital monument to commemorate the fates of the Holocaust victims of the Szeged-Bačka region

The luggage of Dr István Magyar, used at the time of his deportation. Stored at the Szeged Jewish Archive
Project Partner
Tikun NGO for research on Vojvodina Jewish heritage (Serbia)
Participating Organizations
Archives of Vojvodina (Serbia)
Arolsen Archive (Germany)
Historical Archives of the City of Novi Sad (Serbia)
Holocaust Memorial Center - HDKE (Hungary)
Hungarian Academy of Sciences (Hungary)
Hungarian Jewish Museum and Archive (Hungary)
JDC Archive (United States of America)
Jewish Community of Novi Sad (Serbia)
Jewish Community of Szeged (Hungary)
Jewish Theological Seminary - University of Jewish Studies, Budapest (Hungary)
JewishGen (Hungary)
Museum of Vojvodina (Serbia)
Terraforming (Serbia)

Using modern, interactive, and crowdsourced technology, the Foundation for the Szeged Synagogue will create an online memorial that will also function as a “living archive,” featuring images, links, videos, and documents. The site will commemorate over 10,500 persons deported to concentration camps through Szeged during the Holocaust, with a personal profile. The monument will serve also to provide a multilayered view of the Jewish community of the Szeged (Hungary) and Bačka (Serbia) regions before and during the period of the Second World War (1939-1945). A living archive, it will invite family members, friends, historians, editors and visitors to share and document their memories and stories, ensuring that the Jews who were murdered during the Holocaust will be remembered.  

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