Developing methodologies and tools to safeguard the historical record of the Holocaust by making it visible and accessible through educational outreach program in local archives

The Archives of Vojvodina
Project Partner
Documentation Centre of Austrian Resistance (DÖW) / Foundation Novi Sad 2021 / International Tracing Service (ITS) / Terraforming South / Jewish Community of Novi Sad / The Historical Archive of the City of Novi Sad
Participating Organizations
The Holocaust Memorial Center in Budapest (Hungary (Partner)
Editorial of the Roma Programme of TV Vojvodina (Serbia)
Federation of Jewish Communities of Serbia (Serbia)
National Archives of Hungary (Hungary)
The Historical The Historical Archives of Sombor (Serbia)
Archive of Senta (Serbia)
The Historical Archives of Subotica (Serbia)
UDI Euroclio (Serbia)

This project constitutes an innovative approach in archival practice by inviting archivists to a new and active role in Holocaust education. Through a series of conferences and seminars, experts from various countries have exchanged best practices and ideas to empower and train local archivists from five local and regional archives in Vojvodina province. Archivists have been able to identify important archival records and use local materials to create educational outreach programs about local histories. The materials, currently being developed, shall be permanently incorporated into educational programs.

The project has also sought to discover unidentified materials and facilitate accessibility to these materials. Primary sources will be made available to visitors, cultural and educational institutions, as well as to international (research) audiences. The experiences during the project are being incorporated into the final project publication “Education at Archives and Safeguarding the Record of the Holocaust”, designed to help the implementation of similar projects in other parts of Europe. This project is part of the larger project “European Capital of Culture Novi Sad 2021.”

Beneficiary countries
United States
United Kingdom