Countering Holocaust distortion on social media. Promoting the positive use of Internet social technologies for teaching and learning about the Holocaust

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Institute of Education Technology, National Research Council of Italy
Project Partner
Department of Education and Psychology, University of Florence, Florence (FORLILPSI-UNIFI); Institute for Educational Consulting, University of Education of Weingarten, Weingarten (IFB-PHW)

Social media needs to be explored in its dual nature: as a space in which Holocaust distortion is enacted and as a powerful engagement tool for Holocaust education. Involving the expertise of professionals from an international context of museum and memorials, media and educational policy through a series of surveys and workshops, this project will conduct research into how institutions utilize social media in the promotion of Holocaust remembrance. The project will identify and digitally publish best practice examples to improve museums’ and memorials’ strategies in the urgent challenge to counter the distortion of the Holocaust.

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