Conference: Innovative Approaches on Collective Violence: Bridging Holocaust Museums & Memorials, Civil Servants and Human Rights

Project Partner
Belgian Federal Police, Gedenkstätte Flossenbürg

How can understanding the role of police in the Holocaust help police today to prevent racism and discrimination. It consisted of a two-day international conference on human rights training for police officers, civil servants and educators, referencing the role of the Belgian police in the prosecution and deportation of Jews and Roma in Belgium between 1940-1944. The target audience was key personnel in educational departments of Holocaust museum and memorial organizations and civil service organizations from all European countries.

Archival documents were used to examine how civil servants played a role in the extreme mass violence, and how this is linked to police practices today. The conference aims to share knowledge, tools, and experiences, and empower existing human rights training programs with new insights. It is hoped that the event resulted in the creation of a more permanent platform for exchange and networking about good practices in actualizing lessons from history for civil servants.

The project continued in 2016

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