A City in Three Acts: the Holocaust in Rovno

Two hands hold a phone displaying a black and white picture of two children
Project Partner
Galicia Jewish Museum Krakow, Ukrainian Center for Holocaust Studies

The project provides a web-based Holocaust education program made to  be accessed by multipliers in Ukraine, Poland and North Carolina. For this purpose, a film in three acts on stories from a single city in the Ukraine, Rovno, was produced and made available online in three languages. To ensure the use of the program, museums, teacher training institutes and pedagogical centers were gathered in a conference in Rovno to learn and create projects for its use.

Act One thematizes a story of a person whose family was murdered in a mass killing site outside of town and who has been sent later to a Gulag. Act Two centers around two persons who were rescued and Act Three focuses on the story of Amos Oz's aunt who grew up in Rovno and her experience as a Jew in interwar Poland. The objective of the film is to both offer a positive model as well as to look at the crimes committed against Jews.


Photo courtesy of Centropa.

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