Discovering Roma Genocides in Central Europe

Snapshot from the website
Snapshot from the website
Milan Šimečka Foundation
Project Partner, IDEE Association, Jasenovac Memorial Site, Museum of Romani Culture, ODIHR/OSCE, Romaversitas Foundation, Stowarzyszenie Romów v Polsce

Drawing on the successful results of two previous IHRA-funded projects, in 2014 the Milan Šimečka Foundation (Slovakia) initiated a network for educational, remembrance and research activities in central European countries to advance the awareness and research of the genocide of the Roma in this region. Two partner meetings in 2014 and 2015 and an international conference in 2016 were held for researchers, educators, and policymakers with expertise on the genocide of the Roma. The participants exchanged their research results and discussed the translation of the existing teaching materials in seven languages (Slovak, Czech, Polish, Hungarian, Romanian, Croatian, and Romani).

These materials were developed by the International Research Association Kanzlei in Vienna and and can be found on the website in English and German.

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