Schudrich, Rabbi Michael

Schudrich, Rabbi Michael

Michael Schudrich is the Chief Rabbi of Poland. Born and raised in New York City, he received rabbinic ordination at Yeshiva University. In his work with the Ronald S. Lauder Foundation in Warsaw during the 1990s, as Rabbi of Warsaw and Lodz since 1998, and as Chief Rabbi since 2004 he has contributed significantly to the revival of Jewish life in Poland. Stressing the importance of fulfilling the requirements of Jewish law, Rabbi Schudrich pleads for dialogue and a patient explanation of Jewish tradition regarding mass grave sites. In some rare and extraordinary cases, finding creative solutions allowing for compromise might serve the benefit of the deceased, such as in the Jedwabne case of 2001.

See Rabbi Michael Schudrich's contribution to the IHRA "Killing Sites" volume.

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