The Forgotten Voices

The European Roma and Travellers Forum
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NGO Network of the ERTF
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Council of Europe

The European Roma and Travellers Forum organized a two-day conference entitled "The Forgotten Voices". The aim of the conference was to bring together stakeholders from all over Europe in order to improve the knowledge of the genocide of the Roma and explore the links between the genocide of the Roma and the discrimination, marginalization, and persecution of the Roma today.

As a result, an action plan was developed to serve as a basis for advocating the recognition of the genocide on the Roma and for reactions to the rise of current anti-Roma sentiment. Furthermore, a video-clip entitled "Dislike antigypsyism" was developed in order to inform and sensitize the public about human rights and negative effects of antigypsyism. The video has been promoted via social networks, meetings, schools, parliaments, and TV stations.