Can my organization join the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance? 

The IHRA is an intergovernmental organization, which means that our members are governments. Individual organizations cannot become members of the IHRA. Each country which joins the IHRA selects leading national experts in the fields of Holocaust education, research and remembrance to form its national delegation. In this way, organizations are represented within the IHRA, although they are not directly members of the organization. 

Can I join my country’s delegation?

Decisions about the composition of each national delegation is up to the Head of Delegation or each country. Information about national Heads of Delegation is available under countries and membership

How can my country become a member of the IHRA?

The IHRA welcomes new member countries, on the basis of their adherence to the Stockholm Declaration. When a government of any UN member country expresses an interest in working with the IHRA, it will submit an official letter of application, signed by a senior governmental representative (generally either the Minister of Foreign Affairs or the Minister of Education). It will then be accepted as an observer country, subject to approval by the IHRA Plenary (composed of the Heads of Delegation of all IHRA's member countries), and will participate as such in IHRA meetings. More details on the process can be found under membership and application procedure.

Can I work/volunteer with the IHRA?

The IHRA has one central office in Berlin, Germany. The office does not accept volunteers, although from time to time we may recruit for interns or other positions. You can check our recruitment page to see if we have any open positions.

If you are interested in volunteering in your local area, we would suggest you consult our International Directory of over 800 Holocaust-related organizations to find an organization which needs your support.

Can the IHRA provide me with information on the history of the Holocaust for my research project?

The IHRA is primarily a political body and does not possess an archival collection or library. If you are carrying out a project related to the history of the Holocaust, you may find a relevant contact in our overview of Holocaust-related organizations.

The European Holocaust Research Infrastructure offers an overview of archives relevant to the topic of the Holocaust on the EHRI website.