Each year the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance compiles an online Annual Report which captures the organization's achievements, key decisions, and the personal highlights of our delegates who make our work possible.

One of IHRA's Member Countries chairs the organization each year from March to March, and we issue our Annual Report in line with this calendar.

2021 Annual Report

The International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance is delighted to share its 2021 Annual Report with you.

For the IHRA, 2021 was a year characterized by the continued challenges caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, which had fanned the flames of Holocaust distortion, antisemitism, and antigypsyism/anti-Roma discrimination.

However, under the Greek Presidency, tangible progress was also achieved: among other milestones, the IHRA launched a number of resources to counter Holocaust distortion. It also saw the Malmö Forum in October, where attendees took concrete steps to promote Holocaust remembrance, and fight Holocaust distortion and antisemitism through a series of pledges.

Take a few minutes to read about these successes from the perspective of those who made them happen.

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