Many IHRA member countries confront common challenges domestically, and overcoming these can often benefit from sharing knowledge at the intergovernmental level. The IHRA’s working definitions of antisemitism (2016) and Holocaust denial and distortion (2013 ) – drafted by IHRA experts and approved by IHRA member countries – provide an essential mutual starting point for addressing these issues at the national level.

Our working definitions and charters are available in multiple languages. Click on each individual document to see which languages it is available in. While we try to ensure the accuracy of all of our translations in the event of any discrepancies the English translation takes precedence. 

The Working Definition of Holocaust-related Materials outlines which types of materials can be considered to fall under "Holocaust-Related Materials".

The International Memorial Museums Charter (adopted in 2012) puts forth internationally agreed principles and ethics for commemorating the victims of the Holocaust, helping to avoid the politicization or nationalization of their memory.


The Stockholm Declaration on the Holocaust. IHRA