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The Chairmanship of the IHRA rotates annually on a voluntary basis.  Each Chairmanship appoints a Chair to serve for the duration of the Chairmanship.  The Chair is responsible for the overall activities of the IHRA and also represents the IHRA internationally.

A ceremony is held each year to mark the handover to a new Chairmanship.  This handover ceremony takes place in February or March at the embassy of the new Chair country in Berlin.

Romanian Chairmanship

On 8 March 2016 Romania assumed the Chairmanship of the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance.   

Romania became a member of IHRA in 2004. In 2003 the Romanian authorities set up the 'Elie Wiesel International Commission for the Study of the Holocaust in Romania' which released its report in 2004.
More information about Holocaust education, research and remembrance in Romania can be found on the IHRA website.

The Romanian Chairmanship will host two IHRA Plenary meetings during the course of the year, in Bucharest in May and in Iasi in November. More details about the events organized during the Romanian IHRA Chairmanship can be found here.

Chair of the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance: Ambassador Mihnea Constantinescu

Mihnea Constantinescu is Ambassador at large, Special representative for Economic Diplomacy and Energy Security in the MFA. Previously, he served for six Governments as Director of the Prime Minister’s Office, State Counselor and Diplomatic Counselor to the Prime Minister, spokesman of the Government. As a diplomat in the MFA he was State Secretary Coordinator, General Director for political affairs, Special representative, Head of Policy Planning, and director of the minister’s office.

In 2001 he acted as Personal Representative of the CiO-OSCE for South Eastern Europe during Romanian Chairmanship. In 2003 he was the Romanian representative to the Coalition Provisional Authority in Baghdad and CPA advisor to the Iraqi MFA. He also coordinated the International expert’s mission in Georgia under the aegis of Community of Democracies in 2005. Before joining the diplomatic service he was a faculty member at the Polytechnic University in Bucharest in Nuclear Power Engineering field.